Practical People

All of our people have had practical experience of managing safety in a range of different industries; plus, not all of us started off as safety practitioners, so we understand the different operational challenges a business faces.

All of our people are qualified and come with great references; we make sure that they’re approachable, speak sense and have a practical approach.

When you work with us, you will have a dedicated consultant that will be your prime point of contact, so that you have someone who is always up-to-date with your business’s safety.

Our Experience

Our team have worked in numerous industries; including Hospitality, Catering, Engineering, Facilities Management, Construction, Corporate and many, many, more. We’re used to being thrown in the deep end (obviously following a risk assessment, and appropriate control measures,) and coming up with quick and compliant solutions for our clients.

Think Outside the Box

Each solution for our clients is different, we understand that not everyone works the same way, and it’s important that your safety system works for you — not the other way round.


Solutions do not have to be the same as everyone elses, we like to work with our clients so they thing out of the box, particularly when it comes to getting their employees involved or winning new business.


There is a range of factors that affect the way a business operates, and our expert consultants look at the bigger picture, to find the best answers for you.