Sub Contractor Safety is Important

Sub Contractor safety is a key risk in all businesses; they might be your maintenance engineer, your cleaning company or even your window cleaner. Every business including yours uses different types of sub contractors, and it is important to ensure they are managed with safety in mind.

Your business is legally responsible to ensure that no one is at significant risk from your business operations, and it is also the sub contractors duty to work with you to ensure all works are carried out safely.

To help you manage your Sub Contractor safety, Terra Firma 360 can help you manage safety through all the different stages of work. To ensure this happens, a review of their safety procedures and that they are working safely too: Not only to prevent accidents, but also to protect your company’s reputation?

How Terra Firma 360 Can Help

Terra Firma 360 have a range of different solutions to assist your company to ensure whether your contractors are working safely. Services we offer for contractor management are:

  • Safety procurement services (SSIP) applications and audit assistance.
  • Contractor site induction training
  • Checking/ Managing competencies
  • Safety performance reviews
  • Performance monitoring on site
  • Contractor incident review

Let us know the challenges you have with contractors and let us know how we can help.

Helpful Links

Here are some helpful links to give you an idea of what needs to be done to manage Sub Contractors safely in your business

HSE Sub Contractor Guidance

Safety Schemes in Procurement Schemes