Why is an accident investigation crucial?

Whilst you may have done everything in your power to prevent an accident, they can still happen. But why? That’s where Terra Firma 360 can help you to identify what has led to the accident, by conducting an in-depth nvestigation and providing you the answers you need to prevent it happening again.

The benefits an accident investigation that we conduct are:

  • Ensure that there has been no breach of legislation that you and your company are responsible for.
  • We will recommend actions to prevent another accident, and demonstrate your commitment to safety.
  • The results of the investigation can provide valuable information to your insurers to investigate any claims.
  • Improve your future safety procedures.

Terra Firma 360 consultants have experience in investigating various types of accidents for a lot of different businesses. We also have access to a range of industry specialists, who can assist with examining different technical aspects that may have contributed.

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Accident investigation