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Who is a Health and Safety Competent Person?

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Quite often we get asked who is a health and safety competent person is, or who can be deemed competent. On top of that, we get asked why do we need one? Many businesses get asked to provide evidence of having someone they can get health and safety advice from.


The Management of Health and Safety Regulations

So let’s begin with the legal bit. The Management of Health and Safety regulations states that employers should have access to competent advice. This person should preferably be someone in house i.e. works within your company: Quite often businesses do not have the manpower, time or resource to train someone up to fulfil this role. Even if they do train a person, it can be very daunting for someone to start doing all of the health and safety activities to become compliant when they have no experience. That is when companies contact a health and safety consultant to fulfil the role; but you can’t just pick any health and safety consultant, they need to understand your industry and understand the health and safety hazards and risks that you and your team need to manage.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides the following advice CLICK HERE

Who should you choose

When choosing who should be a competent person, their experience and qualifications are both equally important.  Let’s take a low-risk environment versus a factory. The level of training and experience are going to be very different due to the types of risk present and the potential consequences of an accident are more than likely to be higher in a factory than they are in an office. However, an office will still need to be able to obtain advice related to their working environment such as Display Screen Equipment, Electrical testing and fire risk assessment etc, whereas a factory probably has an office within it plus a multitude of different machines, chemicals, noise, dust and the list goes on.

What is a Health and Safety competent person service?

A Health and Safety competent person service is where you can make arrangements with a health and safety consultant, and nominate them in writing as the competent health and safety advisor for your business. Services vary, it may be that your company just wants to have access to telephone H&S support.  Other businesses need someone to the building or sites where you work and carry out a range of activities such as risk assessments, inspections, training etc.

Qualifications and insurances

Your new H&S competent person should be able to provide you with evidence of their qualifications and experience relating to the industry that you are working in, a copy of their public liability insurance and professional indemnity.  A contract should also be provided to detail exactly what the service covers so that there are no questions of who is responsible for what.

Terra Firma 360’s H&S competent person service

Terra Firma 360 offer a Health and Safety Competent Person service.  We find that no two companies are the same, and we like to get to know our clients before entering a contract with them.  This is so we can tailor the service to their needs and also ensure that our clients want to take safety seriously.

No obligation 45-minute chat

We offer a free 45-minute telephone consultation, if you want to get in touch please click on the button below.  We’re happy to answer any questions that you might have.

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