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Twelves (safety) tips of Christmas

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Twelve tips for Christmas


Christmas- it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

There’ll be pathways for clearing, presents for wrapping- I’m making this up as I go…

You get the carol though!

With so much cheer and joy this time of year, it’s easy to forget some simple steps that keep us all safe and the festive season flowing smoothly.

Read on for some tips for a stress-free Christmas.


Christmas Tree Stability


The age-old question, where to put the Christmas tree?

Does it have the same spot each year for your family?

When placing the tree, make sure it is on a stable base. If possible, affix the tree to the ground or the surrounding walls, preventing the tree from tipping over.


Artificial Christmas Trees


Check the labels of your Christmas tree for flame resistance. Artificial trees are flammable.




Candle-lit areas filled with Christmas decorations; nothing looks better!

Take extra care this time of year before lighting candles. Check the candles are clear from clutter or decorations.


Fireplace Safety


If you have a real fireplace or log burner in your home, keep the tree away from this area. The heat and sparks from a fireplace can catch on trees and decorations.


Real Trees


If you opt for a real tree, make sure it’s kept well-watered. Real trees can dry out quickly, making them a fire hazard. Sparks from faulty lights or fireplaces can cause trees to go up in flames very quickly.


Fairy lights


Check the condition of your fairy lights before decorating with them. Look for things like frayed or bare wires.

Like candles, you should turn your fairy lights off before leaving the house or going to bed.


Ladder Safety


Some households go all out, decorating inside and outside.

When putting decorations up in high places, use a ladder or stepladder to help you. Inspect the ladders before use, and make sure they are put up on stable ground.

Christmas Dinner


When prepping Christmas dinner, it can often be a hectic time in the kitchen. It’s important to remember food hygiene, though, wash surfaces and utensils after cooking with raw meat. Check food is thoroughly cooked before serving.


Clearing Icy Paths


When clearing icy paths, make sure you wear appropriate footwear, wear gloves, and use suitable equipment for the job.


Wrapping Presents


For some, wrapping presents is great fun, for others, not so much!
Whether you enjoy this stage or not, remember to keep scissors or cutting tools out of reach of children or pets.

Keep wrapping paper and other materials away from fireplaces or candles.


Drink Driving


It’s always tempting to join the festive cheer with a merry tipple or two, but if you’re driving, don’t risk it. Appoint a designated driver, opt for non-alcoholic substitutes, or look for accommodation options.



We want everyone to have a safe and wonderful Christmas this year; maybe you have a few tips of your own? As one last jovial tip for Christmas, we highly recommend you don’t play Monopoly!

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