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Taking a mental note for mental health

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Let’s take a mental note for mental health first aid

Over the past few years, and with a pandemic gripping the globe, mental health has never been more at the forefront of our minds. The pandemic led many to work from home, with both home and office workers facing loneliness and separation.

Burn out, stress, anxiety, depression- these are just a few of the more common mental health terms you may have already come across, but how familiar are you really with these terms and what they mean?

Particularly in workplaces, it can be hard to identify when someone is struggling. More often than not, we tend to push through these mindsets or try to conceal them from colleagues, supervisors, even friends and family.


Mental Health Awareness

Mental health requires a practical approach, on top of experience and knowledge of signs and symptoms. The first signs of burnout and stress can often be hard to spot and are commonly confused with general fatigue or laziness.

Early last year, Mental Health First Aid became the hot topic for education in the Health and Safety industry. Many corporations specialising in Mental Health came together to quash the taboo and stigma surrounding these conversations, for example, Mental Health First Aid England.


Professional Services

While these mental health first aid courses have played a significant role in dissembling taboo, they cannot strictly outperform the benefits of occupational health and counselling services alongside many other advisory services.

Employers can run external courses as well as in-house awareness and champion courses, which should give multiple resources for mental health channels, minimising the chances of people slipping through the net or feeling excluded from their workplaces.

Get in touch if you’d like to add a mental health or stress section to your health and safety policy.

Whilst we’ve never been more connected by technology and online services, we’ve also never been so disconnected from each other. Please take a moment to ask each other how we’re doing, take a mental note of how you are doing, let’s talk.


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