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Road Safety Speed Read


Organised by UK charity Brake, Road Safety Week is an event to raise awareness and encourage action.

As part of this, we thought we’d go over some facts about road safety.


Road Safety Statistics


  • Approximately 1460 reported road deaths in 2020.
  • Around 23,500 people Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) casualties.
  • Cars are the vehicle most often involved in fatal collisions.
  • Over half of those killed by cars are pedestrians or cyclists.


Staying safe


All sorts of different things lead to us speeding, whether it’s accidental or we’re just not concentrating; yet speed is one of the leading causes of accidents.

Even on a larger scale, the impacts of the pandemic are reflected in national statistics of our speeding compliance.

Interestingly at the start of each lockdown, our compliance with speeding slipped away, shown by spikes in the percentage of cars exceeding limits. However, these spikes are lower as each lockdown goes by.

Drink and drug driving

Too many people risk driving home after too many drinks; or without realising the effect of drugs in their system.

The Christmas period is the season, and this is often reflected in higher numbers of police on patrol, stopping drivers to breathalyse them.

  • In 2019 230 people were killed as a result of drink drivers, and around 2,050 KSIs.
  • 1,321 road traffic accidents a year are caused by drug driving.


Driver distractions

Phone use is increasingly challenging to minimise when driving since map apps have replaced the traditional satnav. Designed to ease traffic, these apps allow reporting of accidents, speed traps and other hazards. With options to swipe ‘only if safe’, it seems almost encouraged to quickly tap the phone whilst driving.

It only takes a few seconds to get distracted and the road conditions to change.

  • In 2018 mobile phone use contributed to 423 car accidents in the UK.


Cyclists, e-scooters and motorbikes

As electric bikes and scooters affordability and popularity grows, their contribution to road traffic numbers increases.

In 2020:

  • 460 accidents involving e-scooters, 484 casualties in accidents involving e-scooters, of these, 1 was killed.
  • 141 cyclists were killed.
  • 4,215 cyclists were reported seriously injured.

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