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Post-pandemic return to work

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Covid-19 – Back to Work, Post-Vaccinations


Back to School– Work!

As the joys of home working draw to a close- or at least a stage of negotiation, it’s time to start thinking about the return to work, post-pandemic.

While it may feel like CV-19 risk assessments have been thrown at us left, right and centre, they are an integral part of evaluating what you already have in place and under control and what needs further attention. With the returning staff comes a change in the process; therefore, you guessed it- it’s time to review your risk assessment!



It’s important to remember that we need to constantly review our processes and the control measures we implement to keep others safe.

Although some members of staff may have managed to receive both vaccinations, many may not have. Additionally, even with both vaccinations, we are finding that the variants can be contracted regardless and still carried asymptomatically.

It is also increasingly difficult to monitor those with underlying health conditions, as it depends heavily on people’s own awareness of their current health status.


What is still required?

‘Freedom Day’ has been and gone and so, many have thrown their masks to the air- like caps on graduation!

It is not simply a case of listing what is to be done to minimise the risk of covid-19 spread. Still, it must be a continuous effort to implement a hybrid working system- or a 60/40 rule- alongside considerations for the layout of workplace environments. It can reduce how many people are in one space at any given time.

What works for one company may not necessarily work for another; therefore, it may be a step-by-step process or even one of trial and error to see what best suits you and your staff.

If you’re somewhat brain-fried over all these and what to do now, don’t panic, call us at Terra Firma 360, and we can guide you through.


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