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High-rise buildings call for higher standards

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High-rise buildings call for Higher Standards

high-rise buildings

In the news lately:


Plans for a 51-storey luxury residential building were set to go ahead in the Canary Wharf area. As the scale for high-rise buildings increases, so must the accompanying standards.

The plans for the high-rise luxury residential had been approved by planning officials but were pushed back by the London Fire Brigade. It is encouraging to see contractors challenged on fire strategies, however, the question remains- are the initial standards of high-rise buildings high enough?


The London Fire Brigade raised concerns over the single stairwell, which would double as an access route for fire service if the fire lift failed.

Single stairwells are prohibited under England’s building regulations if the fire strategy is for people to stay put in the event of a fire. It appears to be the current fire strategy for the Cuban Street building, and involved contractors have since stated they will provide further clarification regarding the fire plans, sprinkler systems and fire doors.

Ballymore and London Fire Brigade continue to work together to ensure the resilience of the building and review the fire strategy to ensure the safety of residents.

 fire strategy elements


Clearly, the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower tragedy has had a significant impact on the approach to construction and planning.

Whilst the application of building regulations can vary depending on the construction date of the building, it is promising to see that such vital considerations are being pushed back prior to construction.

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