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Health and Safety policy

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A health and safety policy should be designed to suit the needs of your company: This document is important, because it not only sets out how you intend to plan health and safety for your company and meet the UK legal requirements, it might also be sent to your clients who will gauge your competency and professionalism from it.

If I had a penny for every time I get given a single sheet of paper, or a generic document, claiming to be a health and safety policy, that tells me nothing about how a company manages their health and Safety, I’d be a rich woman.

Health and Safety statement of intent

A policy should have a statement of intent at the front, a commitment from the senior person responsible for Health and Safety.

This article is really useful, and describes how a policy should be thought about, and written.
My golden rules are
Plan it well
Make it simple and achievable.
Get everyone (who needs to be) involved
Design it so you can review it easily- plan to review a section every month, don’t wait until the end of the year and try and read the entire thing, or even worse- don’t read it at all.
Get an expert if you need to
Think how you are going to communicate it- a big block of paper isn’t the most attractive read to a busy manager or employee.
Only include what you need to.

What our team do

Our team have been writing a variety of Health and Safety Policies for lots of different companies, ranging from construction and refurbishment, cleaning and even care providers.  Each one has specific things they need to do, and in different ways, and why we aim to make the documents bespoke to their operations.

a policy



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