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Happy Wednesday

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Today was one of those days that made it for me.
It felt like a Monday……………………………………
One of those times when you feel like you’ve truly made a difference to someone’s business.
I’ve been away for two days and came into face the mountain to catch up with. I kept confusing today for Monday because it had the same feeling.
My client wanted to catch up about improving their Health and Safety Policy. So, I logged on to the call and before we started they asked if I wanted to see their Health and Safety File that I had been coaching them on.
What really made it for me was the fact that once we’d discussed the file, and I told them I thought it was great, and I offered them a job 😜
They were so pleased that they had got it right and said
“This means we can go on to do bigger projects, and make sure we’re compliant and safe!”
Well! That is exactly why I choose my clients carefully. People that care and are responsible about what they do.
I love this company, they have come to work with me to learn so they can grow their business and make sure everyone is safe.
What more can a Health and Safety Consultant ask for?
How did your day go, did you make any steps closer to your goals?
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