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Gold Member-ship- The infamous Gold Standards

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Accreditations- Licence to Health and Safety

If you work in an industry considered high risk or just a complex set of risks and hazards, you may find yourself faced with memberships and accreditations for health and safety left, right, and centre!

No matter which membership or accrediting body you join, the principles should remain mostly the same; A centralised portal, which aims to prove a particular organisational, safety, or management standard and assurance of supplier quality. Companies can then check this against a database of registered members or ‘suppliers’.


The Gold Standards

Suppose you have an established business or have been providing services for some time. In that case, you may have already come across a few of the awarding bodies offering such memberships.

Below are a few examples:



Starting as a government department, Constructionline has over 20 years of experience working alongside both suppliers and buyers within the construction industry. Aiming to bridge the supply chain management gap by ensuring high compliance standards, and streamlining the process for finding validated, quality specialists.

They work to the PAS91 enhanced questionnaire- a standardised prequalification set of questions designed by the British Standard Institution (BSI)- which is known as the benchmark for construction supply and procurement.

In addition, they work closely with Acclaim to award the SSIP certificate, mark far better engagement across the procurement process, and in-depth assessment to assure quality and standards for buyers and suppliers.



Established in 1997, CHAS strives to improve standards within health and safety across the UK and help reduce the risk posed to organisations throughout any supply chain project.

Similar to Constructionline, CHAS works to the HSE’s SSIP standard and is another of the founding members of the Common Assessment Standard. CAS is an industry gold standard aimed to simplify the interface of the construction supply chain, in turn making accreditation and compliance far more accessible and achievable.

CHAS ensures that they are subject to a third-party audit on an annual basis, striving to maintain their name as an integral, trusted advising body and provider of accreditation services.



While companies like CHAS and Constructionline have their registers and portals, accreditation and certification are achievable outside these all-in-one interfaces.

LRQA is one of the oldest servicing companies, working predominantly within the maritime sector to provide excellent solutions for risk management and integration of practical, long-term standards for organisations.

Working with technical experts, they will assist in implementing management systems, for example:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
  • ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety)


What does this provide?

Being a part of these awarding bodies is no strict guarantee of quality, safety, and management standards. However, it can minimise the likelihood of risk, costly errors and sub-standard work undertaken by those with fewer competencies than they claim.

Almost everything in Health and Safety comes down to minimising and managing risk. If the same principles are applied to the selection process of suppliers, contractors, or others, we stand a greater chance of competent knowledge and advice from the get-go.

If you’d like some help getting your documents in order for an accreditation application- get in touch with us now!

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