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COVID Secure Risk Assessments

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COVID secure risk assessment

Are you concerned about your work place being COVID secure?

Have you completed a COVID Secure risk assessment but you’re not sure that it covers all of the risks?

Are you worried about that the Personal Protective Equipment you’ve provided your employees is not correct?

Is all of the guidance issued by the government confusing?

Are your employees raising questions that you’re not confident to answer?

Do you need to revise your procedures or just need to speak to a chartered professional who can give you some sound advice?

if the answer is yes to any of the above, you must have been looking for some support.


Why work with us?

There are a lot of consultants out there to choose from, all saying they can help you produce a COVID secure risk assessment.  You’ll find some that are really cheap and some that are really expensive.  It’s hard to gauge what benefit you will get by paying more or less. The best we can do is tell you about how we’ve been working with our client’s step by step.

We’ve seen some really good assessments and some not so good ones.


How do I know what I’ll get at the end of it?

Get in touch and ask us for an example risk assessment and procedure.  It will be censored so you cannot see specifics of the company or anything specific to them, but you will be able to see the level of detail that it goes in to.  Then you can decide if this is the sort of document you want for your business, or you can suggest things that you might want to have included, or not.  We are flexible and understand that no two businesses, even if they’re in the same industry are the same.


Your people’s journey

We look at all of the people that may come in to contact with your business, such as your employees, your customers, contractors and anyone else.  Each person has their own journey and something they do in your business where they could be at risk from COVID-19 or could cause risk to others.  Step by step we will work through each of these people’s journey and look at the key risks along the way and sensible ways to manage them in line with the correct guidance.  


How will you carry out the COVID Secure assessment?

Most of our clients have requested that the assessment is carried out remotely.  This involves arranging a Zoom appointment with you to go through a series of questions about your business, I also ask for plans of the building and talk about what you have in place already and look at further things that need to be done to reduce the risk further.

Once the first meeting is completed, you will be sent a draft of your risk assessment for you to review and give feedback on areas that need changing.  This is then reviewed and the final document is then issued to you.


Can you continue to support us?

There is an on-going support service that we offer, you can sign up when you purchase the COVID Secure risk assessment or you can sign up at a later date.  You’re not obligated to sign up at all, but you may realise some extra support might help.


Can you train our employees?

Yes, we have an e-Learning platform that we can design a training programme for your team.  You can either have a standard generic training or you can request something bespoke.  The videos are animated and have interactive questions so you can record that your employees have taken the training and understand the new safety precautions in your business.


What qualifies you to help us with our COVID secure risk assessment?

I have worked in Health and Safety for about 17 years now, and I am a chartered member of IOSH.  I have been involved in pandemic planning in various companies that I’ve worked for.  In addition, I have been involved in COSHH, Control of Substances Hazardous to Health assessments which include biological hazards for an equal amount of time.  You’ll see from my video, or I hope you will, that I am quite straight forward and friendly, and I make your advice uncomplicated and practical.


Can we have a chat first?

Yes, it is absolutely the best thing to get in touch and speak to me first.

Click on the video below and decide how you would like to speak to me.

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