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Alcohol Awareness


This week is alcohol awareness week. Alcohol misuse is behaviour that harms social functioning, whether this is dependent use, or use as part of a broader range of harmful behaviour.

It’s not always obvious to spot in people; it’s often well hidden.

We often find, though, that alcohol is commonplace in the workplace. We don’t think twice about people having drinks after work or the odd drink on a lunch break. Sometimes, this behaviour is even encouraged.


Impacts of Alcohol Dependency in the workplace


Having an employee or colleague misusing alcohol can increase the risks of harm to those around them.

Alcohol can impact your spatial awareness, stability, and perception of hazards around you.

Even when you think you’re not under the influence or haven’t been affected by your drink, your body processes the units long after the glass is empty.

Alcohol in excessive quantities is unhealthy, with cocktails and flavoured spirits containing high sugar contents. Reducing your alcohol consumption can improve your energy levels, focus, and overall health.



To take the social focus away from alcohol, here are a few things you can try:

  • Host events that don’t involve bars, pubs, or alcohol.
  • Host regular team-building events to keep all employees engaged.
  • Consider having a mental health champion or first aider for employees to talk to if they’re struggling.




As an employee, there are things you can do to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume:

  • Have lunch breaks in cafes with colleagues.
  • Offer alternative options for team nights, such as sports activities, or challenges.

Check out this blog for team building activities that don’t involve alcohol.

For more information on alcohol misuse, visit the NHS website. Here you can also find further links and resources to support you if you or someone you know is suffering with alcohol misuse.

Alternatively, talk to us if you’d like to review or add a section on Alcohol misuse in the workplace to your Health and Safety policy.

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