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7 easy tips to Improve Workplace Safety

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7 easy tips to improve workplace safety.

I know it seems like sucking eggs, but there are lots of businesses who don’t do at least 5 of these things. As a result, here are 7 easy tips to help improve workplace safety.

Yes, Seriously!

They’re so quick and easy to put in place and so obvious, but there are lots of businesses not doing these things.

The 7 easy steps

  1. Make sure everyone receives a safety induction
    • Make it as quick and snappy as possible- but don’t rush it.
  2.  Make sure all exits are clearly marked and easy to find
    • Just because you know where something is, doesn’t mean others do
  3. Post the company’s health and safety policy in a visible location
    • Make it reader friendly- by adding pictograms, or alternative languages.
  4. Train employees on how to safely lift and carry heavy objects
    • It’s not always a simple as lifting a box, so check out what employees are doing.
  5. Keep walkways clear of obstacles and trip hazards
    • you know this is obvious….. right?
  6. Keep portable heaters away from things that can catch on fire- duh!
    • But they’re easily forgotten about when tucked away under a desk, I mean I left my phone on the side this morning that was in plain view.
  7. Make sure everyone knows and practices the emergency evacuation procedure
    • better to get it wrong during a practice than ……………

Do you pay attention to these things?

IWe all know that these things seem obvious, surely someone must be doing them to ensure workplace safety in your business…….right?

Are you assuming?

Go and check them out, find out if they’re happening- it will take you 30 minutes tops!

Fixing them might take a little longer

If you don’t know how to fix them or want to speak to a specialist who does.

Written by Liz O’Brien, CMIOSH, Founder of Terra Firma 360 Health and Safety Consultants

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