Santa is on the Health & Safety Naughty List!

As children around the country eagerly await the arrival of the big fella, here at Terra Firma, we reckon we’ve got quite a few reasons why he should put himself on the naughty list! He isn’t the ideal employee, and whilst the kiddies may love him, he has well and truly broken some rules!

  1. Speeding – getting across the time zones to deliver gifts isn’t easy, and we’re pretty sure that he speeds to meet targets! There’s simply no other way to explain how that sleigh gets across the world so quickly.
  2. Drink driving- and whilst he’s driving the sleigh, he’s also busy drinking! Many people leave out wine or sherry, and he must be absolutely sozzled by the time he reaches the UK!
  3. Working at heights – we’ve never seen seatbelts in his sleigh, nor harnesses as he strides across our rooves!
  4. Confined spaces – we don’t know how he does it, but it’s risky business going down chimneys! There’s not a whiff of risk assessments or harness equipment!
  5. Security – Not a DBS or ID check-in site for Saint Nick! He just lets himself into peoples’ homes whilst their children slumber. There’s no accident book or signing in sheet, and the only evidence he’s been in the building is the half-eaten mince pies and piles of presents!

Santa might be a magical bloke, but he’s certainly got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to health and safety!

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