Happy Birthday!

Thank you to our clients and business friends for your support and working with us over the past three years.

Happy Birthday, Terra Firma 360- Where have the 3 years gone?  It has been an amazing journey to work with such a diverse range of clients and meet so many other fantastic businesses.

Despite being a small consultancy,  we have over 45 years combined health and safety experience in a vast range of industries, with a range of different clients and personalities.  It’s been great to carry on using that knowledge and work with clients from corporate offices, warehouses, printing, manufacturing, residential landlords, schools etc.  No two days are the same and we love the different projects that our clients set us to help improve the safety culture in their businesses.

Over the next year we plan to get our and about a lot more in terms of networking and meeting more people, we’ll also be keenly watching Brexit like everyone else to see if there will be any changes to health and safety standards in the UK and providing our clients more advice around this.  We aim to focus heavily on training and fine tuning our existing services to our existing clients, as well as meeting more clients.

Now that the team has expanded, we’re really looking forward to growing our business along with our clients.

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Thank you to everyone again.

Liz and Andy

Terra Firma 360 ltd