We Love IOSH Managing SafelyAre you strange, how can you love a safety course?

I promise we’re quire normal people and we’ve been training for a long time, and we’ve taught a huge range of courses between us.  So let me explain why I love training IOSH Managing Safely.  It’s not to say other courses are not good, but the IOSH Course can easily be tailored to any type of business or trade. I’ve taught different industries from engineering, catering, mail room, landscaping, chemical warehousing, facilities management and many more.

Know your audience

Before the course I like to find out exactly what people do for their jobs, that way the course is tailored to their needs. The course is tailored by giving relevant case studies, videos and exercises related to their role and industry. By doing this I find, and students find that it provides a better understanding of the course topics because it’s relevant.  We also ensure the tutor is experienced or knowledgeable of the industry too.

Practical and useful

The other great tool that really embeds learning is the project, which is a practical risk assessment, and ass preparation it’s great to get candidates up to walk around and look at different work areas to identify the hazards and risks. It’s great to get up, and get everyone looking and learning from the environment and each other.

No death by Power point

Then there is the IOSH presentation itself, many course providers use their own interpretation which are all good, but my company use the IOSH presentation and materials because they’re different from a standard power point presentation. They’re interactive and provide animated scenarios that are thought provoking, and also integrated with various quizzes and questions and lets not forget the quirky blue characters!

Lively and fun

Overall, I like a lively and fun course to deliver, and IOSH Managing Safely is one of the best to teach your managers and supervisor their legal responsibilities, How to identify hazards and their risks in the workplace, Carry out a practical risk assessment, find out the benefits of a health and safety system, how to measure Health and Safety performance.  We also bring a touch of our own training magic which are our trainers and the exercises we have created too.

In a nutshell

Due to the mix of theory and practical, and how interactive this course is, it makes it really enjoyable to teach, and a happy tutor equals a happy class. Our goal is to make our courses fun and engaging, and we get good feedback from our students and clients, as well as a high pass rate.

So in a nutshell that is why I love IOSH Managing Safely

How can I enrol of IOSH Managing Safely?

We are running 3 courses in Stratford, London 2019 or alternatively we can organise in house courses, please check out our training page.