How do you choose a safety consultant?

Where do you start with finding a Health and Safety Consultant?  Here’s our guide to what to look for in a consultant?
  1. It is important to know that your consultants understand your industry and that they have the correct experience to help you with your health and safety requirements.  Before hiring them to assist we recommend you ask them about their relevant industry experience, request references and ask to see their qualifications and memberships.
  2. It’s also important they have the personality that you require to fit in with your business, do they have the right characteristics to engage with the people they will be working with.  Can they get the Health and Safety points across that you need them to?
  3. Meeting deadlines that you expect of them.
  4. Do they have valid public liability and professional indemnity insurances – request a copy of their insurance?
  5. Have they got more than 5 employees, you will need to see a copy of their policy and risk assessments before they come on to your site?
  6. Cost of safety consultants vary- if they give you a really cheap price then it may be too good to be true, and if they’re really expensive, what are you going to get for your money?

Here at Terra Firma 360 we like to think of ourselves as approachable, and our consultants have a range of experiences working in different industries and fulfilling different clients’ safety needs.  We’re happy to explore solutions with you and we offer a FREE 45 minute phone consultation- (Which really is no obligation i.e. we don’t employ a salesperson to continually harrass you afterwards,) which you can arrange by clicking here.

The most important thing for us with our clients is being able to tailor our services to your needs, and working together to make your company a safe place to work.

If you want a down to earth consultancy you’re in the right place.