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Why is Safety important to you?

The importance of safety

My real understanding of the importance of safety sunk in, when I witnessed the first couple of serious, life-changing accidents that could have been easily prevented.  One of the injured was a colleague and was someone I really enjoyed working with; he suffered life-changing head injuries from what seemed to be a low-risk activity.

The guy had a young family at the time and was the main provider, and witnessing the aftermath of the accident and his disabilities that he was left with, something similar to Parkinsons symptoms: He couldn’t work for a very long time afterwards, which must have had a huge impact on him and his young family, both emotionally and financially.

This has haunted me for years- he only needed to have been wearing a hard hat to have prevented it.

I’ve seen many more accidents since this, and how they have affected the injured person and their families afterwards.

This is what drives me more than anything, everyone deserves to go home safely.

So what drives you and your business, and have you shared this with your team?

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