Roof Safety

How many businesses know how safe their roofs are; and how many companies can be confident their workers will be working on a safe roof? Unsafe roof work has been prevalent in court this year, there have been at least 6 prosecutions of employers, who have failed to manage their employees safety, and that of others.

Solarjen ltd were fined i£250,000 and order to pay over £12,073.00 in costs this month, for a worker who fell through a void in a roof. In this case, the company failed to plan the works, and did not consider the safety of their employees.

MKM Fabrication were fined £66,000.00, and costs of £3898.00 costs, and their sub contractor clad it were fined an equal amount; for failing to plan roof works safely, and endangering their employees and others lives.

There are at least 4 more prosecutions of companies failing to manage roof works correctly. All received huge fines, due to the serious injuries of the workers who suffered as a result of their failings.

Roof work continues to be one of the major causes of falls from height; don’t be the next company to be in the dock, or giving your condolences to your employee’s family.

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